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There was a little girl in Greece who thought that further that she would get was probably Athens working in television, producing, organizing, and enjoying working in a fast-paced but fun environment.

It was kinda of a boys club but that did not stop me. That is what I wanted -I was offered more “women-friendly roles” -and I did not understand why.

Growing up there was always a natural curiosity and the thirst to see and try new things outside of the borders placed upon the girls at the time.

Although I did want to work in a male-dominated field, and I did become the Organiser/TV Production Manager, I chose to leave it.

I chose to work in environments with lower chances of encountering Bias and toxic behaviors.

This led me down some more interesting paths and people and opened my wings to move to other countries, experience working on big projects, and always question those who implied you don't belong here.

I now reside in Barcelona, delivering events globally, and making a little bit of my own rules. And here I am finding the time to be part of a group that we all volunteer with passion to give the chance to others to move forward and think.

We need the ability to dream a different future than the one that was allocated to us for being girls.

So, yeah we do need a day dedicated to recognizing and amplifying the rights and potential of girls worldwide.

Every year, on the 11th of October, we come together to celebrate the International Day of the Girl.

It's a day dedicated to recognizing and amplifying the rights and potential of girls worldwide.

The United Nations initiated this day and is a powerful reminder of the significance of investing in girls' education, health, and overall well-being. A variety of organizations try to shed light on the unique challenges that girls face on a global scale and advocate for gender equality in every facet of life.

It's a day to celebrate the achievements of girls who have overcome obstacles and shattered stereotypes. It's also a call to action for governments, communities, and individuals to ensure that every girl has the opportunity to fulfill her potential. This day underscores the importance of creating safe spaces where girls can express themselves, be heard, and actively contribute to the dialogue surrounding their rights. launched the Lean In Girls initiative this year in July to tell girls you can lead on their own terms.

Lean In's co-founders want to see more women leaders. We all want. They're hoping a new program aimed at girls and young teens can help.

Women remain underrepresented in corporate leadership positions, and it is confirmed in the 2022 Women in the Workplace report by Lean In and McKinsey tells us that while women make up 48% of entry-level jobs, they fill just 26% of c-suite roles.

Lean In, is working to help change those statistics through Lean In Girls. The new leadership program offers a free curriculum that teaches girls and young teens who identify with the girlhood experience how to view themselves as leaders.

Some research shows that young girls struggle to view themselves as leaders, with just 21% of girls saying they believe they have the qualities required to be a good leader, according to a 2008 report from the Girl Scouts Research Institute.

We encourage you to find out more about Lean In Girls here.

So, not only on this day, but every day let us stand united in our commitment to amplify the voices of girls, break down barriers, and build a future where every girl can dream, achieve, and lead with boundless possibilities.

Will you join us?

Kostia Vasilopoulou

Events Manager at Lean In Network Barcelona

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